Our Marketing Approach

We plot the course to complete the journey.

Core Services

Once we’ve worked together to define issues and opportunities, we set a course with solutions that include traditional media, digital and social media, public relations, and other tactics that will help you grow your business.


We’ll help you define the elements of your brand foundation with work that creates an aspirational vision for your customers.


We use analytics to help define your customers and isolate the best of them. Then we use tools to identify and reach millions more who are just like them.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to establish marketing goals, strategies and tactics to ensure we build the most effective and integrated plan.


We capture your customers’ attention with creative work that’s based firmly on your well-defined strategic direction and target audiences.

traditional/digital advertising

Often, the most effective way to reach your customers is through a blend of traditional and digital media. We’ll develop a program to reach your target customers.


Our in-house web design and programming team creates engaging interactive experiences and effective digital campaigns, reaching customers through their preferred media.

public relations/
social media

Combining creative thinking with well-executed PR tactics, we develop custom publicity and social media campaigns targeted to your key audiences.

media planning/

We construct plans with effective strategic placement across traditional and digital media, then use our relationships to negotiate the best rates.
Occasionally, a prospective client will expect us to present a plan for their organization when we first meet. From our point of view, that would be like a doctor writing a prescription before hearing a patient’s symptoms. No two organization’s dynamics and issues are the same. As a result, the solutions we recommend will be as unique as your company’s challenges.
We typically begin a client engagement with an in-depth discovery process where we learn as much as we can about you, your challenges, your opportunities, your marketplace and your goals. Once we become immersed, only then do we begin to form a strategic plan with defined goals, strategies and tactics.

“Purdie Rogers’ brand platform work exceeded our expectations. They were focused, imaginative and highly professional.”

Mike Bugbee, Senior Vice President | simpson strong-tie

Strategic Process


Our discovery and research process begins with you. We understand that you are the true experts who understand the solar industry better than anyone else. Our holistic approach involves sitting down with your senior leadership team to discuss your opportunities, challenges and key priorities.

At times, the research that can best help us already exists. We have the resources to review what’s available and help identify how additional research support can be structured to gain relevant insights.


In its simplest form, customer segmentation and data analytics are an effective way to find highly qualified new customers with the same characteristics as your best existing ones.

  • Database licenses include Claritas, Acxiom, PersonicX, Alteryx, Experian, Arbitron and Nielson.

  • Our programmer/analyst is an Alteryx ACE, a title that validates a level of expertise held by only 24 professionals worldwide.
  • PPC expertise includes Premier Google Partner status, held by only 3% of agencies worldwide.
  • We use the same VLDB Alteryx software as AT&T, Verizon and the U.S. Census Bureau with access to 153 million households and 1,000 plus data points.

    For your company to reach its potential, your organization must define itself in a way that can be understood and executed by everyone in the company. We can help you...

  • establish or refine your company foundation with defined values, vision and mission.
  • clearly define and articulate your unique benefits to your target audience.
  • develop a brand architecture framework that includes logo design, brand identity and messaging guidelines.

    Once we’ve determined where you want to go, it’s time to create a road map that moves you from point A to point B. We work with clients to move steadily toward their goals with sound, proven initiatives outlined in a go-to-market plan. The plan specifies a variety of marketing objectives, strategies and tactics that may include traditional and digital media, public relations, social media campaigns and other recommendations, depending on your goals.


    Understanding your industry and strategic planning are not just tools used by our account people. As soon as we can, we share the information with our creative team. They use it to communicate your message and build the perceptions you want to create.

    As our art directors and copywriters craft work that speaks directly to the audiences you wish to reach, they provide a range of creative options that may look and sound very different. But every idea we present is based on your company’s vision, mission, and differentiated brand positioning.


    No one knows how well a new recipe works until the soup is simmered for the prescribed time and taste-tested.

    How will we know how well your marketing is succeeding? By examining results and using specific data measurement tools, we’ll know whether to reinforce and accelerate our efforts or refine our process for better results.

    We’re always looking to enhance our efforts once we’re able to measure our performance against our established goals and KPIs.

    Our Work

    Our creative efforts reflect the direction we’ve established for your company long before art directors and copywriters become involved. Once we paint a target for them, they create options that effectively communicate your message.

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