Our Marketing Expertise

We plot the course to complete the journey.

Core Services

Once we’ve worked together to define issues and opportunities, we set a course with solutions that include traditional media, digital and social media, public relations, and other tactics that will help you grow your business.


Your brand is about more than widgets and services. We’ll help you develop or refine an aspirational vision that’s a magnet to new customers.


We use analytics to help define your customers and isolate the best of them. Then we use tools to identify and reach millions more who are just like them.


We work with you to create a strategy that will define everything we do for you, from creative concepts to press targets.


We capture your customers’ attention with creative work that’s based firmly on your well-defined strategic direction and target audiences.

“Purdie Rogers’ brand platform work exceeded our expectations. They were focused, imaginative and highly professional.”

Mike Bugbee, Senior Vice President | simpson strong-tie

Our Work

Our creative efforts reflect the direction we’ve established for your company long before art directors and copywriters become involved. Once we paint a target for them, they create options that effectively communicate your message.

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